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How to Consign to an Auction

Thinking about selling at auction?

Allow us to be of assistance.

Shipping it Yourself?

You’ve spoken to a specialist, received preliminary estimates, and are ready to send your material to Swann for placement in an auction. Now let’s get your precious cargo there safely.

Never Miss a Drop of the Hammer

Live online bidding is seamless with Swann Galleries’ App, where you can browse catalogues and bid live, with no extra fees.

Rockaway! 2018

The summer exhibition draws attention to vitality of the seaside community after Hurricane Sandy.

A Famous Cartographic Blunder

For more than a century the state of California was thought to be an island.

Walt Whitman: Transcending Conspiracy

Walt Whitman was in Boston overseeing the publication of his third edition of Leaves of Grass when he attended the trial of a man who was friendly with the Thoreaus, the Emersons, and John Brown, among others…