Lauren Kristin is an interdisciplinary documentarian whose work, spanning many media, remains rooted in a photographic perspective. Their work is concerned primarily with paradoxes: the similarities between formulating an identity and drawing a boundary, the problem of seeing and believing, and the ways “Truth” can be used as a function of industry and nationalism.

Currently based in New York, Lauren is the Digital Media Manager for Swann Auction Galleries, the oldest specialty auction house in the city. Their photo and video work for Swann has been published in stories by the Associated Press, Fine Books & Collections, Hyperallergic and the Washington Post.

Lauren formed Jane Doe Ensemble in 2017 with Rachel Czajkowski and Aaron Batley. JDE borrows from the riches of several genres: new wave, no wave, riot grrrl, punk, jazz. They are currently working on their first 7” recording with Tim Conley-Abrams (Everyday Balloons), which is set to be released in Summer 2019.

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